Cambodia is a country of inescapable legacies. It is a country with the dubious distinctions of not only having some of the greatest monuments the world has ever seen but also enduring the suffering from some of the most atrocious crimes against humanity. Everywhere you turn, these legacies of its history are evident. During my visit in Cambodia, I saw amputees dragging themselves across the floors of markets begging for the generosity of those barely able to feed themselves and I was privileged enough to view the vast temples of Angkor. Buried for centuries in the jungles of Cambodia, the ancient temples of Angkor are the size of Manhattan Island and one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements. We visited these magnificent monuments – massive in scale and exquisite in detail – and visited Phnom Penh, with its crumbling colonial architecture, abject poverty, picturesque riverfront and stirring memorials. Our pictures and descriptions of some of the country’s sights could never do complete justice to the country of Cambodia so we encourage you to go there yourself with open mind and open heart.


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