This is the land of Las Vegas – need I say more?


The South Shore of Lake Tahoe is, as the U.S. Forest Service puts it, a land of many uses, and it certainly is well used. It stretches from Emerald Bay and Rubicon Point around the bottom of the lake and on to the posh private enclave and golf course of Glenbrook and on to lovely Spooner Lake. It also includes part of the Western Slope and Alpine County. It’s a unique and magnificent retreat, boasting three outstanding ski resorts, several fine cross country ski areas, and five major casinos on the Nevada side all offering entertainment and gaming: Harveys, Harrah’s, the Horizon, Caesars and the Lakeside Inn. Reno, Nevada is only a short hours drive away and boasts some interesting casinos and a fabulous barbeque festival!

Dixie Riverboat

We took a boat ride on the Ms. Dixie on Lake Tahoe and enjoyed a nice brunch. It was part of a race against another steamboat and I’m happy to say we won.

Lauren_Cruise.jpg Dave_Cruise.jpg Paddleboat1.jpg Paddleboat3.jpg Paddleboat2.jpg Finish_Line.jpg 

Chocolate Factory and Prospectors

Chocolate_factory.jpg Prospector.jpg 

BBQ Nevada Style

Texas_Tater.jpg Chip_Machine.jpg 

Reno Casinos

Reno_Casino1.jpg Reno_Casino2.jpg 

National Bowling Alley

National_Bowling1.jpg National_Bowling2.jpg National_Bowling3.jpg


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