Easily accessible from Naples is enigmatic Pompeii, the thriving resort town for wealthy Romans that was buried under ash and mud during the devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. The vast ruins provide a fascinating insight into how the ancient Romans lived, and include impressive temples, a forum, one of the largest known Roman amphitheaters, luxurious houses with frescoes and mosaics, and streets lined with shops. One of the most disturbing images of Pompeii are the Dead. The people were literally petrified in their fright and are still preserved in the same stances at their deaths. The streets and pedestrian crossings of Pompeii are well worn and are very uneven. Probably more comfortable if you are riding a horse. Throughout the entire city, you will have an opportunity to look into many homes and see how the people of Pompeii lived. This is especially well depicted through the wall and floor frescoes which you can see throughout the city. Much like the Romans, the people of Pompeii loved their sports and had their own share of stadiums and arenas. They also loved their food and their stoves were massive! The city was especially well made and advanced in certain areas such as their water and heating system.

Brothel (Lupenar)

This small brothel (the Lupenar) is the most popular stop on any tour (and probably was one of the most popular places back in the day as well!). It contains several bedstalls and above each stall a pornographic painting depicts, with unabashed precision, the specialty of its occupant. Its kinda like a menu! After 2,000 years, this remains the most popular place in town so try to get here early. I’ve taken photos of a few of the choice rooms for your viewing enjoyment!


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