Italy is one of our favorite destinations in Europe. This country shaped like country singer’s favorite garb, a kinky over-the-knee boot, has it all: popes, painters, polenta, paramours, poets, political puerility and potentates. With over 3,000 years of history, culture and cuisine, Italy has everything you need in a vacation! Around every other corner in Italy you can visit Roman ruins, gawk at Renaissance art, stay in tiny medieval hill towns, go skiing in the Alps, explore the canals of Venice and see more beautiful churches than you imagined could exist in one country.

There’s no escaping it: Rome means history. There’s layers of the stuff – Etruscan tombs, Republican meeting rooms, Imperial temples, early-Christian churches, medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas. In this city a phenomenal concentration of history, legend and monuments coexists with an equally phenomenal concentration of people busily going about their everyday life. It’s hard to say what you’ll find most breathtaking about the eternal city, the arrogant opulence of the Vatican, the timelessness of the Forum, or the horrible driving of the average Italian! One of our favorite past times in Italy is eating!

Naturally you can indulge in some of the best food (pizza, pasta, pomodoros) and wine (chiantis, merlots, chardonnays) in the world for a fraction of the price you’d find in the U.S. In addition, you can get a cup of coffer 100x better than anything at Starbucks for a fraction of the price – justification enough to visit this great country.

So enjoy our photos and commentary and take a dive for yourself. Italy is definitely the place to seek out la dolce vita!!!!


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